A Random Assortment Of Electro Musical Delights from Glasgow

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November 9, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

I have decided that I am going to put some structure into my posting and I will attempt to do 2 posts each week, maybe more depending on what needs to be said! I shall look at doing one post that will be related to discussing and forwarding the knowledge that will help us free our chains of bondage to our psychopathic Governments. This will be news articles, reality or a look back through history. My second weekly post will be all about the music.

Today is a music post. So as its the weekend and a lot of you reading this may be going out to a club or a house party, I have decided to kick off with some hard as feck breakcore. Followed by something entirely differentšŸ™‚

The common theme is that each featured artist comes from my home city of Glasgow.

Ohmegasir is a producer that is involved with The Heartbeats Collective. I myself release through this very collective. Ohmegasir is the chaos within and I love it. Certainly not to everyone’s taste as it is disgusting, nasty and brutal but I have always loved breakcore and Ohmegasir does it so brilliantly. It is a therapy, a stress relief. He takes music and turns it in on itself. His description of this track that he left on Heartbeats facebook was as follows; “cos well polished sounds are fucking boring!” Nuff said!

Now that you have had your brains chewed out, I shall move onto something completely differentšŸ™‚ This producer is huge. Signed to Warp and representing for Glasgow. Rustie is carrying the baton for the Glasgow Wonky Electro sound! This track is from his album Glass Swords, out last year.

Another producer that is a major player with the Heartbeats collective is Kid Robotik. His style is oriented around dubstep and TRAP. Its minimal and dirty with bass lines that put the best of us producers to shame. Check it out!

Moving into a more house and techno vibe we have Dirty Basement. They are DJ and Producer’s extraordinaire. Winning the EMMA’s twice now, these guys are always on point. If you like your sound’s that are all about the club. These guys are where its at!

Finally I cannot rightfully do a whistle stop tour of Glasgow Producers without featuring Holobeams. He is an extraordinarily talented Chillwave producer, signed to Lebensstrasse Records with his debut album out next year, this dude makes beautifully chilled electronica. Of course I am extremely biased as he is my brother.

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