Genetically Modifing The World

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November 19, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

I am a layman on Genetically Modified Organisms. I present to you my research on this topic. Please make up your own mind as I give you my opinion on Genetically Modified Organisms throughout this post.

If you are someone who supports GMO’s that is great. However I do not and all I want is the choice. Regardless whether the science eventually proves them safe or unsafe. I want the choice to NOT have to eat GMO foods. Big Agra and the massive Biotech industries along with regulatory bodies like the FDA in America and even (it would seem) here in the UK with the FSA, my choices are slowly being eroded. If I am forced into only a single option for my food supply then that is a fundamental breach of my inherent rights. This choice that I demand does not need to be based on fact or fiction. It is the right of everyone to choose for themselves. When it comes to what I eat I demand the choice. No matter the science that states it is safe. It is still my choice. Remove that choice and you are removing my freedoms! Science, policy or corporate interest do not get to determine what I eat. If GMO products are so safe, why are so many saying that it is ridiculous to even suggest we should have a choice. Just force it upon the people many are saying. Its safe after all. Does that sound like a moral standpoint! You may think I am fear mongering or crazy but who is crazier. The person who gives up their choices, or the person who holds onto their choices and fights for them regardless. Freedom is everything. Just because we can does not mean we get to force it upon everyone!

Genetically Modified Food is a controversial issue for many and from the research I have come across and the studies I have read, I would say that GMO’s are at best; untested and have negative effects that are still unknown. Or more probable, the current independent studies are right and GMO’s are pretty much deadly to humans!

What have we seen lately in regards to policy with GMO’s? California has just witnessed the failure of proposition 37 to instigate policy forcing food companies to label all Genetically Modified foods within its state. The ballot showed around 53% against labelling. However when one considers the outright crimes committed by these companies when it comes to their actions towards life. It should come as no surprise to consider the possibility that the votes where rigged. If you take a moment….who honestly wants to eat some gene spliced tomato, potato or corn product that generates its OWN toxin to kill insects (if that person was fully informed on the health effects)? Can such foods made using GMO’s really be good for humans? No company pushing GMO’s has ever carried out a significantly long enough study to show that this technology is safe! They simply say its safe, pay off Universities and scientists in order to get them on board with the rhetoric and propaganda. Then sell it to the public regardless, making huge profits in the process.

They key word in this process is profit. Just as the pharmaceutical industry owns the scientists and therefore the research that comes out of animal testing (thus they can manipulate the data to suit their needs), so does big agra and the biotech firms such as Monsanto, have a throttle over any science that goes against their bottom line within the agricultural and food industries! These companies (especially Monsanto) push their version and we accept blindly. When studies come out that go against this version, they are attacked and ridiculed by those allied with the big agra businesses.

We recently saw this with the underhanded propaganda and dirty tricks used against Proposition 37. We also witnessed the science community attack a recent French study showing Rats would develop tumours when fed Monsanto’s roundup ready corn. This study generated the usual response from those that support GMO’s. Quoting from that Forbes article

“……..I can’t think of a biological reason why GMO corn should do this.” Marion Nestle, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University

This quote was made in relation to how the roundup ready corn produced tumours on the rats. I am just a layman that loves to further my knowledge. I consider myself to be intelligent enough to reason when information is placed before me. So with all due respect to Marion Nestle I would suggest that one blatant reason why roundup ready corn may cause cancer is because this corn is genetically modified to produce a toxin (or more accurately a protein) that kills insects.

This Bt variant, as it is known, has been used out with GMO’s as a pesticide. Being sprayed on crops since the 60’s. Bt pesticides have also been used by organic farmers as a natural pesticide as the Bt protein is derived from a natural source within the plant world. However when sprayed, the Bt protein degrades within a few days and rain water will wash it off. This alone suggests that humans consumed only trace amounts of the Bt pesticides due to natural degradation of the chemical. However when one puts the Bt protein into certain crop strains in order to make them resistant to insects, then no natural weathering can degrade the effects, as it is now part of the genetic structure of the crop! Even though conventional science states that these Genetically modified varieties are safe, as the protein only targets very specific insects, it is (in my opinion) very irresponsible for scientists to declare its safety without any real knowledge of how these new species interact within the human eco system! So refering back to Marion Nestle’s quote, I think a good place to start would be to do some real science when looking at the relationship between Bt corn variants and humans. Not just science paid to paint Biotech in a good light so profits can be increased off the back of positive press!

It may be presumptuous of me but I think that the modification’s made to the corn may also be a GOOD and OBVIOUS starting point when it comes to showing that GMO’s can and are harmful to humans! The French study carried out on Rats may not be perfect but it is not driven by the bottom lines of scientists who rely on their grants from the Biotech industry. In turn the Biotech industry stands to loose a lot if this study is replicated and born out in testing!

When I started to look into the research for GMO’s, especially what was being said in relation to the French Study. I came across the argument that states humans have bred food in the wild for our own uses since time began. Indians bred different maize plants together to increase yield, other groups of humans did the same, we even did this with animals to get the domestic cow and chicken. However this argument relies on the assumption that GMO technology is based on breeding. The key word is “breed”. GMO technology does not breed in traits over generations. It inserts (sometimes foreign) genes into the host genetic structure at source, thus creating genetic offshoots that can never be found in nature. This may be extremely intelligent and it may seem like the next logical step in breeding. However it is not breeding. The plant is not grown and then mated with another strain in order to produce a new strain through the natural process of fertilization. Genetic traits are inserted directly into the genes of the plant seed. All done in a laboratory! GMO technology is not breeding. It is the manipulation of genes and the creation of entirely knew strains that can ONLY EVER be achieved in laboratory conditions!

For more information on Proposition 37 and the French Roundup Corn Study you can google and find loads of articles. At this point I now wish to move on, yet it is important to keep in mind the study and Prop 37, as they both give us a good kick off point for our understanding of the current political climate surrounding Genetically Modified Foods!

The good news is that recently the French Government started making noises about a full ban across Europe of all GM roundup ready corn. This shows the French study spooked politicians enough to sit up and take notice. However through my own research I have come across the following disturbing piece of information.

Currently the UK and EU have legislation in place forcing food companies to label all GMO’s. Legislation states that only food stuffs that contain under 0.9% trace of GMO’s need not be labelled. This level is the same for Organic products that could find themselves being cross contaminated with GMO seeds, animal feed etc. Our current major issue is that here in the EU animals that are reared for meat can be fed on GMO animal feed and that this meat is not subject to being labelled as GMO fed meat! This is obviously (or should be) a concern to any of us that want to eat a healthy lifestyle. However even this is overshadowed by what I am about to outline!

In respect to this information, it has probably already gained attention within the dedicated GMO activist community but I have not seen it in the wider truth community. With GMO’s being of such a big concern and with the their obvious role within Agenda 21 and the Globalist population reduction plans, I want this to be spread out as far as possible!

Read this carefully and click through to read the full press release

“GeneWatch UK and GM Freeze today released documents obtained as a result of a Freedom of Information request, which reveal that the GM companies Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer and BASF are setting the agenda for UK agricultural research with a view to bringing GM crops into the UK and exporting overseas.

The companies and their industry body the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC) joined Science Minister David Willetts and Lord Taylor at a roundtable meeting on 26th June 2012, with an agenda based on the ABC’s “Growing for Growth” report (1). Academics from UK universities, such as Reading and Edinburgh, and research institutes, such as Rothamsted Research and the John Innes Centre, were also present, along with representatives of the National Farmers Union (NFU). George Freeman, MP, a strong advocate of GM crops, hosted the meeting and Roger Williams, MP also attended.

The summary of the meeting, written by the ABC, an industry body, shows plans to:

Spend more taxpayers’ money on R&D for GM crops and on “education”; Promote GM crops in developing countries; Remove regulatory and political barriers. ……”

This excerpt is taken from the GeneWatch Press Release that came out in October 25th 2012

Here is another quote from that press release;

“Pete Riley, Campaign Director of GM Freeze, said, “People at this meeting came from the publicly funded research establishments and the major biotech companies. This exposes the claim that current GM test sites are purely for the public good and not profit. It is clear that industry is hiding behind GM researchers, funded by tax-payers, in an attempt to rehabilitate GM crops which the public and Governments in Wales and Scotland have already rejected.”

I live in Scotland and I do not want my countries current status of NO GMO to change. Yet why is it that these companies want to force a change in legislation even against the wishes of the people. This can be answered very easily when viewed through the perspective of Agenda 21. If you did not already do so then please watch the video linked too. What does Agenda 21 talk about. It talks about sustainability. What is the major selling point of GMO food. That GMO is a sustainable crop and environmentally friendly crop (even though the evidence on this is far from true).

This press release clearly shows that corporations are making powerful plays to remove legislation that stands in the way of full GMO implementation within the EU. This is also in line with the current up coming economy collapse that will affect The USA and The UK. This economic collapse is already in full swing in Greece with Spain close behind. The Biotech companies (owned and run by the globalists) will tell us that GM foods are the only way to feed a starving nation, claiming it will be cheaper to produce and can be grown in harsher conditions meaning more food crops all year round. Of course these claims are unlikely to be upheld as current research suggest the opposite from GM foods!

Even more disturbing is the latest press release to come out of GeneWatch. It highlights how some major biotech companies are attempting to influence policy decisions when it comes to their research into genetically modified insects.

YES you read correctly. We have now entered the twilight zone.

Oxitec is the main player behind this move. They are UK based and have already released GM Mosquito’s in the Cayman Islands, Brazil and several other Countries. Do we really want our wildlife to be genetically modified? These Biotech companies are forcing the hands of Governments in order to increase their profits, while making sure that the world becomes wholly owned by them under their patents. I ask how can you lawfully own widllife? Answer, you cannot, unless you kill off the natural variant and introduce your corporations own genetically engineered variant! Not only that and even more concerning is the affect these new untested species will have on our environment. It is very possible that the GM version of an insect could wipe out the natural variant. What would this mean for us, for our eco system. With something that could fundamentally effect the very way we live, should we not be aware in order to decide. Certainly the criminal corporations that are orchestrating this have no right to decide!

We are sold GM foods and other GM products on the back of propaganda instigated by Big Agra and big Biotech firms. They want to own the world food supply plus wholly own nature, and they want to rake in all the profits in doing so. They do not care about the health consequences to humans along the way. This all fits nicely into Agenda 21 and the de population of the world. Sustainability is the catch phrase of Agenda 21. The Globalists through some crazy idea want to create that sustainability by killing us off and then modifying us through technology and Genetic Modification, Of course the scientists sell this whole Transhumanist idea as a way to relinquish ourselves from disease, be better humans and evolve through technology and the modification of our genetic structure. What they do not tell you is that the real reason all this is going on, is so that those that control the world can harness and then limit the human spirit, the amazing infinite potential we have naturally that far outstrips anything technology can give to us. Why they want to do this is because they know that in our natural state, in our infinte selves we are more powerful than any technology. They fear that aspect of us because they know it is that aspect of our nature that will free us.

It has only just come to light that junk DNA may not be junk after all. So if science is just beginning to understand the brain, why are we rushing headlong to alter something we do not fully understand. We also have a limited understanding of nature. What we understand is vastly outweighed by what we do not understand in this biological universe. So again why are we manipulating with nature with no real gauge of the outcomes, good or bad. The Globalists want us rushing into technology, using it as our saviour. They want Genetic Modification to become everyday. They want us to modify ourselves and modify our unborn babies. They want to modify the eco system. They want it all.

Imagine a world where Genetic technology and biotechnology could sell you a drug that could make you happy with no side effects. However what is wrong with just being able to be happy with your own emotions. The minute we allow GMO;s into our life without checks and balances, we allow all the offshoot technology that comes with these biotech companies. We allow for the very control of our very biology and our very being and emotional state. Again if people want to use this technology then go ahead. However I make the choice to stay fully natural. For those of us that will sit back and let the world be modified around us should not feel upset when we realise we ourselves have been changed and controlled in the process!

I shall now leave the twilight zone. But do not be fooled what I have just mentioned is very much a path we find ourselves on. The TED talk I linked to earlier (under Transhumanist) makes it very clear that we will have no choice. That we will just have to accept such technology. OK but what if the technology is not being used to forward human evolution but to limit it and stunt it. What if that is the very purpose of such technology. In the TED talk he describes how people will take drugs to regulate emotions. Describing scenes from the movie THX 1138, and if you have ever read Brave New World, then the sentiments in the video will not be far off that book! It may seem like the twilight zone to most of us but if we do nothing and say nothing we will be their by the end of the next decade. Ok now I shall move on……I promise.

Since I have mentioned Monsanto in this post several times already, lets get specific with them. Lets look at how they have dealt with the farming of their products. It should come as no surpirse to learn that Monsanto have taken steps to patent their GM seeds, thus forcing farmers to sign into expensive contracts with them in order to grow their products.

In an open letter to the New World Order globalist foundation, The Rockerfeller Foundation, back in 1999 Monsanto claimed they would not move forward with Terminator seed technology. Terminator seed technology means each seed is sterile giving only one yield, forcing farmers to buy for the next years harvest each and every year, instead of saving seeds from the original crop, as is the traditional convention. Back in 2007 Monsanto bought a Terminator Seeds Company called The Delta and Pine Land Company. This purchase is an indication that Monsanto has not stopped its research into Terminator seed technology despite their claims to have ceased such endeavours. It also does not seem to matter that many countries have banned the use of terminator seed technology, due to its obvious effects on local farming and food supplies within those countries. If Terminator seed technology becomes wide spread we will see the collapse of local farming as Monsanto will hold the copyright to most of the worlds food supply. This is a dangerous position to be in. Does it seem sane to allow just one company to control the entire food supply that we all need in order to survive? Here is a very interesting article from back in 1998 all about the burgeoning GM industry and how they where using Marketing firms to sell its virtues along with the Terminator technology.

Even though Terminator seeds are not commercially available (as far as I can tell through my research) Monsanto has been able to navigate round this legal hiccup. Remember I mentioned farmers are made to sign contracts? These contracts stop them from saving seeds for next years harvest. Plus Monsanto are suing any farmer that have their crop contaminated with Monsanto seed via natural weather, spreading seeds from one field to another. Farmers live in fear of this giant biotech company as they devour the world and feed us questionable products, not designed for our benefit but for the monetary benefit to them and for the furthering of the overall globalist agenda! Even without Terminator seed technology it would seem Monsanto is on a mission to control our entire food supply. Their can be no other explanation for the behaviour of this company. Such behaviour when seen under Agenda 21 and the Globalist population reduction goals, comes into clarity. Because controlling the worlds food supply gives the few that control the world the most powerful means to keep billions in line, or eradicate most of us if they choose, without the need to fire a single bullet!

As I have already mentioned, here in Scotland and the rest of the UK and EU, Genetically Modified food must be labelled but as I also pointed out, biotech industry is pushing for this to end so they can have free reign on the EU food supply. With all that I have discussed in this article I feel that it is more important than ever to get people back onto the topic of GMO’s. If we want to keep our food healthy and keep organic alternatives truly organic then we must spread the word. Not to mention keeping our very existence in terms of who we are!

If you are still a non believer and are quite happy to shovel GMO foods down your throat, then ask yourself why Monsanto (the biggest producer of GMO products) does not serve GM foods in certain worker canteens? Monsanto and ALL their scientists say that it is “ohh sooo good for us”. If that is true why wont UK based staff eat the very products they deal in? Just a thought.

We must be aware of what we put in our mouths. This GMO agenda goes much further than just money and profits. As I have already stated it is about your life, your health and the total domination of the biological systems on this planet.

Will you put food into your mouth that has no track record in safety? Since the introduction Of GMO’s into the commercial food supply we have seen rises in autism that could be linked to GM foods.

It is your choice but I say it is time to relight the fires under the GMO debate. Lets get it out in the open and get this monkey off our backs. Buy Organic or grow your own as a protest to the blatant totalitarian actions of such companies. We are free to live how we choose, no corporate interest should decide anyone’s destiny. No Globalist agenda will succeed, we will succeed and we are free!

Your health is in your hands, do not leave it up to big agra.

Love to you all.

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