KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. How We Can All Make a Difference Today


December 4, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

A few days ago I was listening to a Max Igan interview. He went through all his knowledge and research in relation to “what reality is” and he also touched on the economic situation along with the ever evolving and expanding Police state that we see happening almost globally. He covered the standards. Then he said something rather groudbreaking. He proposed a solution that is so simple it is genius. It was that very Idea that inspired me to write this post and get this idea out to as many as I can.

Listen to the interview on youtube. It is in 7 parts, this is the first part –

This solution Max proposes effectively bypasses the need to get into 9/11 research, esoteric research or any other kind of research that deals with the in depth truth of all things! It is a solution that fits with anyone’s outlook on the world and only asks one thing;

How has Government broken its trust with you?

When I talk about Trust with Government I have two meanings that I am essentially referring to. The first and most important is the meaning we all have for trust. The trust you have in your partner not to cheat, the trust you place in parents to take care of you when you are young. The trust you have with any human being during any encounter that they will act respectfully towards you. The second meaning is a lawful term and comes under Trust law. In very simple terms Government has been entrusted with the wealth of the people and is now using that wealth to gain more power and also limit freedoms of the very people that the wealth belongs to. In essence the Government has breached its Fiduciary Trust Agreement. For a more in depth look into this side then I recommend Dean Cliffords work.

Its a simple question that Max puts forward. Is their any area that Government has lost your trust due to a negative impact upon your every day life? Think about this for a second. Did your household running costs go up? Are they charging you ever increasing council tax bills? What about road tax, petrol, privatizing services that then fall apart? Anything that effects you negatively yet benefits the Government in (mostly) a financial way. Even if you feel financially there is nothing wrong. Maybe you have had an issue with the Police not protecting your civil rights when you felt they should have. The list is pretty much endless. The point is, you will probably have some form of grievance with your Government at either local or higher levels.

Once you figure out what your grevience is with Government you immediately have common ground with most other folk in your town, city, country, the planet. Once we find our grievance with Government we can then come together and demand that our public servants, Council, Government make changes that benefit each and everyone of us and we demand this NOW!

At this stage it is important to gain a quick and brief understanding of just who the Government are meant to work for? When one thinks about it, we set up the Government (well our ancestors did) and they did this so as to have an administrative body to take care of the tasks that a large society faces when living in large numbers. Regardless whether you think the problem is simply certain corrupt people in a predominantly good system looking to gain power and money, or if you think that Government was co-opted by certain societies and families 100’s of years ago. The end result that we see today is the same. We are all faced to a greater or lesser degree depending on our perspective with a corrupt Government and we all must face the challenge of holding Government (in its entirety) accountable for their actions. Something, that to this day has never truly happened. Even if you feel your life is OK, if you just take 5 minutes to look around in life you will soon see that our Governments are actively breaching the trust of the people by creating war through propaganda (take a minute to look at the societies they claim are so evil), financial hardship by bailing out banks to the detriment of the average citizen, destroying our environment by allowing large corporations to tear up the planet in the quest for more raw materials to sell to us at ever increasing prices. Our leaders talk a good talk but usually walk in the opposite direction. More often than not their actions are all about what benefits Government, not what benefits people. Look at the amount of legislation that is implemented to control the most fine details of our lives. Councils dictate when bins can be put out for collection, councils pass legislation that dictates where musicians are allowed to play (music to me is the voice of the soul and represents a truly free society when it is allowed to flow in all its amazing forms), You are now even hearing of (US) legislation that is declaring those selling raw milk (extremely healthy for you) are acting illegally and cannot sell such a substance. Total insanity. The legislation that limits what we can and cannot do is constantly increasing. I do believe that we will soon see a time when we will be unable to do anything without breaking some form of legislation. Is that what you would expect from a Government that you placed your trust in to protect your freedoms and way of life? Simply put we created Government yet it has transpired that Government now has sold us the (unsaid but always obeyed idea) that Government controls us!

Wait one moment. Did I not just mention we the people created Government? So how did they gain this power that enables those within Government to force us to follow their ideas of what society is? They got this power because we gave it to them. The unfortunate truth is that most of us do not question those that offer to lead. Most of us are happy to follow without to many questions  especially if we are sold “a nice life” piece of propaganda. For example the “Change” campaign from Obama. Of course he never said what that change would take the form of, yet no one asked that, they just put their trust in him that the change he offered would be positive for them. Unfortunately it has not been a positive change, yet he never really lied as he did instigate change but it was simply not the change Americans expected, yet because no one ever asked what change he proposed and just assumed; it was like lemmings to a cliff edge. Simply put it was naivety and assumption that allowed Obama to instigate negative change. If we look around the globe what we have ended up with, for many in the western world and many globally, is a world that does not allow us to thrive as human beings. Through my research I have come to see that pretty much all of us are constantly stripped of our wealth through our labours. This is done on a local level to a great extent and then this process extends up the Government chain until you end up getting into the more complex subjects that many find hard to agree with! I am not saying that we DO NOT all put in our fair share to maintain society. However when we are forced through legislation that non of us asked or voted in, to put more than most of us can rightly afford into a system (ie we cannot afford to feed ourselves or stay warm because we pay our money to Government), then I would say that is a breach of Government trust.

Most of us are probably paying around £800 to £1000 or more a month on the essential bills in our life. Essentials are food, council tax, rent or mortgage, heating and water. This is extortionate and these high living costs are actually forcing more and more people on to the street, forcing more and more into poverty so they are unable to heat their homes in winter time. Yet do we see our Governments take real action that interjects and forces the energy corporations, banks and their own high council taxes to be set at levels that allow everyone to live happily but still allow for reasonable profits for these companies to operate? No we do not. I would suggest that £300 a year. £100 Council, £!00 for heating/water/electricity (combined) and £100 for your home. How many people live in this country? So do the calculation! Do you think that they would truly be out of pocket if this was made fact? Or is the fact of the matter that these controllers only want more and more money and power and care not how they get it? I do not think that reducing our living costs to £300 per year will collapse our economy in fact I believe this move or a similar move (my figures are just an example) will strengthen the economy and allow all of us to gain a standard of living that enables us to be free and thrive. Cancelling all debt must also be a priority as if you look into the banking industry and how it generates money you will see just how big a scam it all is. We must begin from a financially clean slate. We are all in an economic screwed up situation and that alone is a Government breach of trust.

Regardless of your end beliefs about what our Governments end goals are; we can and should all agree that our Governments in local to higher levels are currently engaged in breaching trust we placed in them to uphold the quality of our lives, our ability to live a life that enables all of us to have families and bring children up in environments that are safe, peaceful and loving! Right now we have a western Government that not only does nothing but actively backs corporations that look to make huge profits off the back of the most basic life needs. Food, water, medicine, even the fuel needed to transport these goods and services to the people. All of these aspects of our lives have been affected by corporations that now seek to continuously hike up the price of living, allowing them to make massive profits year in and year out. Look at the cost of your food. Our Government will come on TV and say they are going to introduce certain measures yet no measure has ever stopped the price increases that our food and other services has been subject too. The price of petrol is a great example. If you spend half a day and look at the research you will find that we are not running out of Petrol but in fact it is the Oil companies creating artificial scarcity which allows them to up prices, while withholding vital stocks which would keep Petrol prices low.

In conclusion I would love it if everyone reading this asks themselves what the Council, Government has done to breach their trust? It does not matter what it is. After all can you honestly tell people that everything the Government does is positive for you. If you have any form of loan, credit card or lending then I will wager that you have an issue with Government. If the Economy crashes (through no fault of your own) do the banks expect you to pay up even when your money becomes worth less and less or you loose your job? Of course they do, will Government step in and stop this process, declaring it unlawful for banks to put people into a financial situation that could potentially endanger their lives and health? Unlikely. So that alone is a breach of trust. We see this process happening in Greece and is starting in Spain as their Economies collapse. We here in Britain have not experienced such issues to the extent of Greece but the financial analysts are saying that a UK crash is only round the corner.

We must all discover what it is (for us) Government has done to negatively impinge upon our lives. Whatever that is, we CAN all unite and hold Government accountable for all its purposeful actions that have produced a negative outcome placing all of us in jeopardy and threatening the freedoms we all hold dear. We do this peacefully and we do this through their own legal system. Those that wish to use us as pawns in their games of power and wealth must be taken to an international tribunal and held accountable for their actions.

All we need to ask is one question. “You, The Government, are in Breach of Trust. Exhibit A – The Earth (Look around). So we, the people, require you to show cause that you are not in Breach Of Trust”. At this point we take our Government to an international tribunal and hold them accountable. We then demand, not ask. As it is us the people that hold the true power. We demand that our Governments remove all oppressive legislation and we then impose limitations upon Government and enact new Governing systems that are more positive towards a free society. This is where we begin! Such systems as the Lawful Bank and new Government systems (run by the people for the people) proposed by Roger Hayes are excellent starting points.

Once we come together under this one simple premise. Once we stand up and hold our government accountable, we can then introduce a positive system that supports freedoms for all.

I keep stressing that this solution must be simple. I believe that is a major factor in the success and propagation of this idea. As Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”. I would adjust that and suggest if you cannot explain it to a 6 year old then it is to complex to be a universal solution.

For all reading that already have knowledge on the specific ins and outs regarding our current system and the control it exerts over us, this post is for you as well. After listening to Max Igan talk on this idea I too came to align my thoughts with his and I saw the benefits of coming together under this simple process and pushing forward with this idea. Those of us that expose Corporations and Elites must begin to sell this idea. We can still expose the system but we must also be prepared to put our research aside when attempting to communicate with many people simultaneously. We must all be prepared to reach out in a way that can be understood across the board. We must also keep our research ongoing and just have faith in the human spirit and need for knowledge because if we can reach people through this simple premise, most will start to look into the deeper issues off their own back.

As the acronym goes – KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

If you have got this far I congratulate you on your open mind. I also ask that you please take a moment and spread this post with your own friends, on your facebook or other social sites. Email it, get it out to the world🙂

Love to you all.

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