Sex Education, Child Stealing & The Attack On Children – A post by Adam from The Glasgow Truth Group

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December 6, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

I urge you all to read this post in full, including the replies. The post was written by Adam, the organiser of The Glasgow Truth Group. It gets right to the heart of the paedophilia scandal now rocking the BBC and our Government. It has some very powerful, yet disturbing research. Dealing with the McApline scandal, Common Purpose, and the  the Savile scandal and how all this interconnects into a web that has been instigated and perpetrated by our Government for decades.

We must speak out against such atrocities  We must not be lead to silence by proposed draconian legislation like The Leveson Report. Their is enough evidence to show that this goes right to the top. For the welfare of our children and for freedoms that we all take for granted, such practices carried out by those that hold “so called” respected positions of power, must be held stopped NOW. These people MUST be held accountable, removed of office, tried in a court and charged for their crimes and sexual abuse of minors. If we do not take these steps then we can not say that we are a free society. Until we do we are not free!

Please be aware that this is a disturbing and upsetting subject. The post pulls no punches and sets out the information in the cold hard light of day. Do not expect to find the facts shrouded for fear of upsetting you. We need the truth so we can take action to implement the solution!

Read The Full Post Here

Love to you all.


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