We Are Crashing. This Is Third World Britain.

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December 11, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

(Image from Huffington Post Article detailing UK Economy crash. Image links to article)

Have you heard about the Economic crash? From some of the people I talk too, they seem to think it is a far off thing that is happening to others in a far off country. Think Greece, Spain, America and Iceland (before they got some of their economy back). I don’t even blame these folks for thinking like this, who wants to think about such a huge challenge landing on their doorstep. Its certainly a scary prospect, however ignoring it will certainly do us no good either. Yet before we can achieve an effective solution we must face up and acknowledge the problem we face!

Which ever way you slice the cake; the UK is in the middle of an Economic Crash, you may have not noticed because up to now, we Britons have been shielded from the real truth by our grovelling press who only report what Government says, give or take the articles that portray glimmers of truth, buried away so it is hard to find them. It seems crazy, scary maybe even a little fantastical to believe that everything we take for granted could be gone tomorrow or next month. So how do I know that the Economic crash is right at our doorstep. Well its “elementary my dear Watson”.

On Wednesday December 5th 2012. I picked up a copy of the Metro Newspaper. Right on the front page was a story that read “Third World Britian” (The good thing; their is always the exception to the rule when it comes to the media and truth, thankfully). The paper version is longer but the internet article has the main points covered. This story then proceeded to go into detail describing how thousands of people are now forced to walk for over 15 miles to get to emergency food shelters as they simply cannot afford to buy food or pay the £5 to get the bus to these shelters. It also points out that this Christmas more people will struggle to feed themselves and their families let alone be able to buy gifts for loved ones. How did we get to this point? Seriously, we need to take a look at ourselves. Lets stop distracting ourselves with nonsense via the entertainment industry. Just look at MTV, X-Factor, most of the pop charts. We are blinded from all angles. We have allowed our leaders to indulge in a huge breach of trust, causing this country to fall apart around us, while we indulge in false excess, then deny a problem even exists. I think its time to admit to the problem and start the solution. Only we the people can make a difference.

Do you care about just yourself, or do you care about the unjust challenges faced by others? Do you think it is their fault they now live in poverty; a poverty that is consuming more and more people. People once considered well off. Is it their fault? Or do you see that it could happen to you without to much of a stretch unless you, me and everyone else make a stand today protecting the freedoms of those that need our help now? Everyone has the right to live their life entirely free. If any Government policies or social structures begin to negatively effect people in such a way that they are no longer free, then those systems must be changed. circumstance does not matter, not one person deserves to be in abject poverty. It is not our destiny as a species to just survive from day to day. We are capable of great things yet 80% of humans on this planet be they in poverty or not, do not believe they are important. It is time for that to change my VERY important friends.

We must start to see the worth in ourselves for it is only each one of us that can effect Change. We need to find the courage. Can we now honestly look at the Economic collapse sweeping Europe, America and other countries and say that we are not on the cusp of one ourselves, can we really ignore it any longer. Maybe it is time to find our voices. It would seem that we are already on the slope and rapidly picking up pace. Look at America, they have millions on food stamps, but because no one see’s the problem first hand as food stamps do not produce the “traditional” soup kitchen cue  it has become easy for Americans to ignore the real problem, becoming apathetic. We are going down this very same route. Except it looks like we will simply be forced to go to emergency food shelters, behind closed doors those in need will be fed. Keeping the problem out of site and out of mind. “What problem?” I hear you say.

The British press is already putting out articles indicating that jobs will decline in 2013, in fact the Scottish press is indicating that Scotland has already seen a rise in unemployment as jobs become harder to find. This is all happening as Government continues to slash benefits using the deficit as an excuse. Why are we constantly being forced to suffer for the greed of our Corporate Government and the Global Banking Cartels? What will it take before we open our eyes and say enough is enough? After all it was non of us, not one single person that has a normal life, that caused this financial black hole of £27bn, yet our Government want us to foot the bill for them. I say screw that. I refuse to pay for them and neither should any of you.

The economic hardship seen all over this country has been engineered by them. First we see companies laying off workers, stating it is to reduce running costs. Then we see that no new jobs are being created. This leaves those who have lost their jobs out in the cold with no where to go. With no way to afford living costs they end up homeless or massively in debt or worse. Banks chase people for Mortgage payments even when that person clearly cannot afford to pay. It is asinine  Those suffering at the hands of this “Agenda 21” powered policy, cannot be blamed for their circumstances (and trust me when I say that the Economic crisis is part of Agenda 21 that aims to upturn all aspects of our lives, not just the economy). Once hard working people reduced to begging for handouts due to Government policy that wants to only bankrupt and ruin life.

Yet even worse (in my opinion), while we see our own Country suffer and our fellow countrymen and women trudge into hardship, we are being sold the idea that we should give our money to fund green eco projects in foreign countries and other such ideas that come directly from the pages of Agenda 21. Please understand the following; Helping others is the most positive thing we can all do, but we can only help those in need when we ourselves are no longer in need, when we ourselves positively control the outcome of our own future. Unfortunately Britain is devolving into a Third World Country at the hands of psychopathic leaders that want to remove all the wealth from the people in anyway they can. Yet we are being socially engineered into thinking that if we do not financially help those in other Countries, give our wealth to them (even when they themselves are and probably have been attacked by this same criminal global cartel), if we don’t we are somehow immoral. Really? Is it not also immoral to ignore those starving on our own doorstep? Is not immoral to spend millions on foreign policy when that money comes from the wealth of the people who live in the UK and those same people can now no longer afford to eat, keep a roof over their heads, heat their homes. We cannot feed our own families yet we are still expected to fund multi million pound projects through tax payer money in far off lands. I think priority should be looked up in the dictionary and studied. I will happily help those in other countries once I get my own in order.

So what can we do. Nothing if we all sit about and ignore the problem. However if you want to see a bright Future for yourself, your Children and your Children’s Children then I suggest that the first thing we ALL do is come together and DEMAND the Government kick the banking cartels out of the Country. We DEMAND they wipe clean all debt. We make them cancel all mortgages and make sure all homes are kept in the hands of those living in them, while making sure all those on the street are given a roof over their heads. We also have the Iceland model to use if we feel it might work. The Icelandic model can give us time. However as this article rightly points out, the Icelandic model is only a temporary solution. A positive step in the right direction it certainly is, but it still has not dealt with the root of the problem which are the parasitic global banks that simply keep on coming!

Until we end all forms of fractional reserve banking and reverse ALL debt, we will only see this get worse. If you are sitting at home right now and think that the next bailout will solve the problem, then I think you are not really looking at the issue. Bailing out the failing banks is only a temporary measure, one that worsens the crisis in the long run. If you bail out the banks constantly then you are allowing the very mechanism that caused the crisis in the first place to continue functioning. You also flood the economy with money, effectively devaluing the currency. As I have already stated the only way to get out of this crisis is to kick out the banks, wipe the debt clean, get rid of fractional banking plus interest on money. Simply put, we need a new way of doing things. Thankfully we have some great forward thinking individuals who are proposing just that. Here in Britain we should see the formation of The Lawful Bank next year but I recommend signing up now. This is a project that has wide ranging, positive ramifications for us all. It offers us new and exciting ways of interacting with our money rather than what we currently have under this corrupt model. More importantly it makes sure that you get out what you put in and your money is backed by your labour (what ever that may take the form of, everyone decides for themselves).

Even though solutions are appearing, it is still important for us to not become complacent. This crisis reminds me just how vulnerable most of us are (including myself). We rely on supermarkets to get our food but they only keep up to 3 days worth of supplies that will be depleted in a day by thousands, if it turned nasty tomorrow. Not many of us are self sufficient to the extent that we can feed ourselves without the need to rely on an infrastructure laid out by those in power. Stop and think about this for one minute?!?!? We all put the very health of our lives in the hands of the very same system that is now actively taking measures to ensure non of us have the capacity to feed, cloth or put roofs over our heads. Dramatic? Possibly but you ask millions of people in Greece if my words are over exaggerated  You ask those in America that have lost everything to the banks. Just because you still have your nice Barratt home and 2 cars plus that 42inch plasma TV, does not mean you will still have it by tomorrow.

If we take the simple steps now. Stand up for what is ours now, what is moral and just, for everyone’s freedoms. Realise that we made Government. Man formed Society and then Man through Society Formed Government. We will turn this around. So why are we still making excuses for these psychopathic leaders? Who are in massive breach of fiduciary trust with the people.

Our Homes, Our Land, Our World. Not theirs and it is about time we told them. THE GOVERNMENT OBEYS THE PEOPLE. If it is the other way around then it is a Dictatorship or worse. Even so, we are the authority and we must peacefully and firmly reassert our rights.

It is time for us to make the change.

Love to you all.

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