5 Underground Artists You Should Listen To Now

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December 13, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

It is time for some music. Whoop Whoop!!!!!!

I apologise as I know this post is overdue. It took me a few weeks to uncover these audio gems that I shall now post for your enjoyment.

For all those that visit this blog for my alternative take on reality, I will be getting back to the forgotten news with my next full post covering December 21st. Is it the end of the world or is it a paradigm shift? Well you will need to wait for that until the 21st🙂 Until then crank up your speakers and listen to some amazing tracks. Its the perfect Christmas antidote.

Ok so lets get to it. My friend sent me this track and I fell in love straight away. the track is called “IPlayYouListen” by ODESZA. This is 2-step, Dubstep, House, Ambient, all mixed seemlessly. If you think back to the year 2006 an artist called Burial came onto the scene. ODESZA is Burial plus some. This is gorgeous stuff. You can download there new album “Summers Gone” for free here

This guy is simply amazing. His work is all based on sampling old jazz, blues and swing music. He is a hip hop DJ of the highest calibre and his tracks are astounding. Welcome to Kid Koala, this is 8 bit blues.

Keeping in the hip hop theme, this next artist is off the charts. Regi Watts is a phenomenal beat boxer, comedian, in fact their is not much this guy cannot do. This track is called “F_ck Sh_t Stack” explicit lyrics warning🙂

Moving away from hip hop we traverse the genre spectrum into some hard DnB and Dubstep with Reso. He just released his debut album entitled “Tangram”. This album was long awaited and it is proper. Axion is taken from that very release and is a disturbing and jarring mix of dnb, all encased in Reso’s aggressive and energetic take on dubstep. I love it.

Finally I came across this track recently, it is by an artist that I supported at a club night a few years back. Usually Ladyscraper puts out the hardest most brain ripping breakcore you can think of. However this track is a nice (I use the word in this context loosely) change, melding chiptunes, metal and frantic breakcore. Still the hardest track on the list and that’s why I love it.

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