December 21st Is The Paradigm Shift Towards Love. Not The End Of The World.


December 21, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

UPDATE 1 – I read a comment that my original image was not Mayan but Aztec. I did some quick checking and they may be right. However in order to stop confusion I found the above image of the Mayan calendar. (At least I think it is Mayan, kinda hard to tell unless you are an actual Mayan expert, which I am not).

We are constantly hearing a lot of talk coming from the 21.12.2012 crowd that this will be the end of the world as some believe was stated in the Mayan calendar. However this “End Of The World” fear mongering is mainly coming from the establishment. The biggest example of programming this idea into people was the Movie 2012. In the movie the precise date of the crisis is not really mentioned, it certainly was not the 21st December, however the implications are the same. The media, those in power through their control of society [UPDATE] are quite happy to let us all think that our doom is at hand. [END OF UPDATE] Selling this idea via TV, Movie’s and through the press. It is what is termed mass social engineering.

Of course if you are reading this post then you are obviously still alive! Which should put payment to the theory that this day is the end of us all🙂 I congratulate you on being alive! This whole “end of the world” idea is a theory that I think is a lie, not just misinterpretation but an actual propagandist lie used as a means to keep the levels of fear in society abnormally heightened. This then begs the bigger question; why would they want to instil so much fear into us?

The answer to that is simple yet complicated. If you go down the research route that David Icke has taken, then you end up at two main conclusions. The complicated conclusion is that those in power actually feed off the fear generated by the people of this world. Icke delves into this research giving evidence suggesting that this world is being run by entities (non human) who reside in a dimension just outside of our visible range. They generate fear in our reality in order to tap and syphon off that energy in order to survive in their dimension. A good representation of this would be the Matrix movie. As this particular line of research is huge and would take up a post all on its own, I direct you to David Icke as he is the worlds leading authority on this research. It may be a little “out there” for some, but it is prudent to acknowledge that Ancient Alien theories and other similar lines of research all intersect on this cross point. If all those different lines of research end up at December 21st 2012, maybe they all have some truth within them? Just a thought.

The second reason as to why those in power constantly attempt to keep us in fear is to do with love. Love is the most powerful emotional (and emotion is energy) force we beings have at our disposal. So it should not be a stretch to imagine a world where love is bastardized  squeezed and forced into obscurity by a controlling force that want total domination over all life on earth. It would be impossible to dominate a race of beings that loved and cared for their own existence. If you can control people’s emotions you can get them to LOVE being in fear, you can make people believe that fear is love.

Yet love will always win through because when we stand in our pure and true love for ourselves and for others. Then we are free and nothing in this world can manipulate, control or subjugate us. Again David Icke is a leader in this field of research. He opened my eyes to the idea that this world is fundamentally based on love. Not fear. His work then lead me into researching for myself and I came across the work of Max Igan and Santos Bonacci. Together their knowledge truly expanded my understanding of what it means to love and how to apply that to my own reality.

So what is going on with 21st December? Did the Mayans really claim it was the end of the world. According to research carried out by David Icke, it would seem that the interpretation was fundamentally wrong. In fact his research shows that the actual date may be January 27th 2013

“… Personally, I think the end of the world is on January 27th 2013 because the Mayans had a different letter system to the later western model. To them ‘J’ was our ‘F’ and so on, except, strangely, for the letter ‘U’ which corresponds in both cultures, although many scholars assert that the Mayan ‘U’ also corresponds with the modern ‘K’.”David Icke End Of The World. No The End Of The Beginning

I do not even think that January will be the end of the world. I simply think that the Mayans knew that energies where changing due to the cycle of the planets and the 26,000 year precession of our solar system. Maybe it will transpire that 21st December will mark the point that this change in energy began and thus 27th January will mark the point it can no longer be ignored? Just a thought.

I feel that December 21st represents the beginning of love, respect and a spiritual awakening for the people of this world. I do not think this awakening will be instant but December 21st represents the point of where love becomes greater than fear in this awakening. An awakening which has been ongoing with ever-increasing speed for many years now.

If we look at Santos Bonacci’s work, he talks and discusses about the winter solstice (December 21st) and how it relates to the galactic centre line. His research seems to show that our solar system will be crossing from below the galactic centre line to above the galactic centre line on this date. He describes that on December 21st 2012 their will be a galactic alignment. Why is this significant? That is almost another post in itself but I shall attempt to break it down. Bonacci, Igan and Icke all talk of reality being Holographic or Holofractal in nature. Igan has done many radio shows where he discusses the electromagnetic nature of our reality. These ideas tie into the scientific research carried out by Donald E Scott, William Thornhill and others who are pioneers in the Electrical Universe theory. I would also suggest you look at Nassim Haramein for the science behind the idea that our reality is Holofractal. I would also recommend a book called The Holographic Universe.

So how do these ideas fit together? Firstly please take some time and go through the links above. Simply put, this reality, everything you can see and everything you cannot see is part of a holofractal (Holographic) immersive reality we are part of. Essentially it is an illusion that we create. We are part of the reality and we make up everything within this reality. Imagine that behind you everything is in a state of frequency flux, when you turn round to look, it instantly gets interpreted by your eyes into a coherent form. On a rudimentary level this is what the Holofractal Reality idea is saying. It also states we are all energy (makes sense given that holograms are energy). It then states that this reality is infinite in nature and this energy connects all of us to each other. Interestingly enough the Electrical Universe theory lines up with the Holofractal theory.  It does not get into the Holographic realms but it does describe how our universe may be an electromagnetic universe, with electricity being the dominating force, not gravity. It then goes on to show how this could explain spiritual connections over great distances, extra sensory perception and other such unexplainable phenomena. It is therefore not a stretch to imagine that the EU theory has come across the energy of the Holofractal matrix that we exist within. Could it be that science has discovered the source for our true origins? I believe those scientists that are following this path are getting close and blazing a trial for us all to follow.

If we now look at Santos Bonacci’s galactic alignment research and apply that to the Electrical (magnetic) Universe. We should realise that the galaxy has a magnetic field, as does our earth, in fact everything has a field, even ourselves. We can then see that as we move through this field it may be possible that our own individual fields change to reflect the new energies now interacting with our own electromagnetic fields! This change upon our magnetic fields could have profound effects on our conscious. Enabling us to open our minds to new ideas, concepts, even discovering our true potential as spiritual beings!

As we move through the electromagnetism of our reality we start to interact with that energy. Our very emotions are energy and we generate an electromagnetic field with our heart. This energy can be either in a state of harmony or a state of disharmony. When we love that is harmony, when we fight or are in fear that is disharmony. Our very well-being is fundamentally effected by this process. Ever been angry, depressed, then felt totally exhausted afterwards? Ever been in a state of heightened stress that leaves you ill? Then remember how you felt when you where happy, carefree, how much energy you had. How the world seemed through your eyes when you where experiencing love? Love is the stable form of this electromagnetic heart energy. When our energy field comes into harmony we are moving into a state of love. Amazingly science is beginning to show that the energy of the heart is the true source of power within the human body.

“Traditionally, the study of communication pathways between the “head” and heart has been approached from a rather one-sided perspective, with scientists focusing primarily on the heart’s responses to the brain’s commands. However, we have now learned that communication between the heart and brain is actually a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function. Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four major ways: neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions). [added highlighting] Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity. Moreover, our research shows that messages the heart sends the brain can also affect performance.”Institute For HeartMath

We are all giving off energy everyday. Every movement, every thought, every emotion is an electromagnetic field. So when we look at 21st December we can say that it is very possible that this date simply delineates a crossing point. This crossing point moving our planet into a different energetical state may be opening the doors of perception wide enough to allow anyone who chooses through. Before this date we have seen people angrily reject “what they call nonsense” these ideas of love and infinity, yet we may find that this becomes a thing of the past after 21st December 2012. I do not say that it will happen overnight and their will always be people who are closed-minded. I say that this date marks a choice that will be easily available to us all. We can take it if we choose and find out where the adventure leads us. For those of us that decide to expand and grow, the world will begin to change and what he have known before may become a distant memory as we open up to love and the true nature of this reality. For those that do not choose, they get to live on as they see fit. It aint about winning or losing.

As I have said throughout this post, it is a choice you must make for yourself. We may all live in a holofractal reality but it is still our home and because we have the power to influence our reality, we must be responsible in our use of such power. We always have free will and free choice to determine the outcome of our reality, what that outcome is will be down to us. It is and always will be our choice. We must get up and interact with our reality, we must apply love to our daily life, we must understand that we will only benefit from this energetic change taking place on December 21st, if we let go of fear. Fear of death, fear of living, fear of negative information, fear of getting stressed, fear of being late for work, fear of anything.  Then we can begin to move into love. No one says there is a manual that outlines how to go about this. How to achieve a state of love, how to begin to move back to the heart will be a unique journey to you. It will not happen overnight, but as long as you begin the journey and begin to make changes in your life, begin to change your outlook. perspective towards those around you and the world around you then you will achieve your state of love.

Do not be in fear of December 21st. Whatever happens will happen. So why be in fear. If you stand in love and realise that December 21st is the paradigm shift that will be open to us all, then you begin to understand how to live and you can move forward from that date with love in your heart.

Unconditional love is what powers us. It flows through us all. Everything else is illusory. Everything else is a product of our perception based on what society tells us to believe.  We are a biological computer interpreting frequency into what we see before us. Our true essence is infinite love energy. Our bodies are just space suits to experience this reality in. Everything is an experience that we can learn from. We are all interconnected and we all exist in love. The Mayans (I suggest) knew this, as this is knowledge that comes from times beyond what we would call ancient. From civilizations that have been lost to our official history. Maybe we should be paying a little more attention to some of the details, instead of freaking out. It’s only a suggestion🙂

The choice is ever-present. Sometimes we just get a little help along the way and I believe that December 21st is that little push in the right direction.

Please listen to this broadcast by Max Igan. It discusses most of what I have said here and, in my opinion, is extremely powerful.

Love to you all.

Update 2 – I have seen a few comments stating that I do not know what I am talking about because the majority of the media laughed at this hype. They claimed I must have been making it up or watching the wrong news channel or whatever because I seemed to imply that most people got sucked into believing it. I know that the mainstream media was selling this myth for a long time. I distinctly remember watching the News at 10 on BBC last night (December 20th) and they discussed the “End Of The World” and watching it was a little uneasy. The fact that the media world was saturated with 21st December articles, many of which neither debunked nor agreed with the myth meant that most of us were probably quite worried about this date simply due to it being ever-present and more so as the date approached. I mean it has only been one of the most famous predictions (incorrect of course). I  do not claim that EVERYONE believed that it was the end of the world only that this Mayan myth story was put out to such an extent that we could not help but develop some kind of emotional reaction to it. Just take a look at these recent articles that came out of some very well-known media institutions. – This Mail Online article says the following “……But while no soul will be around to point and laugh at anyone from the U.S. space agency should they be wrong, NASA scientists seem so sure that life will go on that the video meant to be released on December 22nd was put out yesterday.” It makes fun of NASA’s premature debunking video, but The Mail Online is careful not to actually debunk the myth themselves. It then talks of NASA’s debunking right after ridiculing that same debunking. Mixed messages I think. – This article opens with the following reassuring line – “If we are to believe the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is due on 21 December. But sceptics say climate change or a global pandemic is far more likely to wipe us all out.” Yup if the Mayans get it wrong, don’t worry there are still other things for you to fear. – Even though NASA officially debunked the Mayan myth. They still received many calls and emails from panicked members of the public. I wonder if those emails and phone calls just happened by magic. After all no one was ever sucked in by this continuous barrage of hype surrounding December 21st 2012. – This articles suggests that 1 in 10 people where worried about the “so-called” Mayan prediction. Those that read this may not know anyone that would outwardly believe in the prediction but I would suggest that the thought the world may end would still have played in the back of most people’s mind. Even if they do outwardly dismiss such things as folly.–or-at-1011pm-to-be-precise-20121220-2bpgi.html – This article does not agree with those that believed the world was to end but the fact that even the small county, city-wide media outlets where reporting on “doomsday” in some fashion could potentially sow the seeds of doubt for many.

……And that is the point to what I open this article with. People may not have openly admitted to believing in the Mayan myth but they may very well have felt uneasy and the seeds of doubt and fear would creep in, regardless of how the individual media outlets had chosen to report on the event. Not many gave a positive outcome but then neither did they necessarily give a negative outcome. Some used comedy and avoided the issue, leaving the reader wondering. This left it up to us to decide and whether we like to admit it; the doubt was always there. I had it and I know you did (even if you wont admit it, shhhh I wont tell anyone😉 ). Just imagine if the media had flooded the internet, your TV and papers with the interpretation that the Mayans predicted the beginning of a great awakening for the people of the world through love and spiritual enlightenment. How different would we have felt on this day?

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