The World Did Not End. So Who Said It Would?

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December 22, 2012 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

Now that the world has not ended (whoop whoop) we are seeing that some of the media is possibly beginning to insinuate conspiracy theorists and new age cults are the reason for most of the hysteria that surrounded the infamous December date. Granted a lot of people who delve into conspiracy theories bought into the whole doomsday scenario, as did a lot of new age cults, however most that are actively involved in putting out accurate information as an alternative to the establishment media are now probably going to be lumped in to this category, even though most of us said that it was not the end of the world. Of course the media are conveniently ignoring the fact that they where the ones putting out the Mayan myth and keeping it alive in the public’s mind for 30 or so years. Back in the 70’s we saw Terrence McKenna propose what has been called the “Fudge Date”. He said that their may be an end date in November 2012 and he extrapolated this date from the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. He then adjusted the date to match up with the 13-Baktun cycle ending in the Mayan Calendar. . We also see more end of the world scenarios coming from Hal Lindsey’s book ” The Late great Planet Earth”. Here is a quote outlining this from a Huffington Post story.

“Hal Lindsey famously promoted in “The Late Great Planet Earth” the idea that end times would soon approach, set off by a Soviet invasion of the Middle East. The year 2000 went by without widespread digital breakdowns, and radio preacher Harold Camping recanted his prediction of the world’s end in 2011.”

Now having looked briefly at McKenna’s work I think it does have merit [UPDATE 23rd DEC 2012] I do not agree or disagree with his work as I do not know enough about it. I have heard folk say he is Illuminati then others say he is a force for good. I will need to come to his work in my own time. Right now, however, from what I have briefly read and watched it seems (on the surface) to be positive [END UPDATE]. He took a lot of psychedelics in an effort to expand his mind and in doing so he came out with a lot various ideas across a wide range if topics. He called new age ideas as dogma and I do tend to agree with that. He was also a scientist and was very capable of articulating his theories. However I think the media purposefully latched onto the one idea proposed by McKenna and Lindsey, pushing the “end of the world” myth onto us and linking that up with the Mayan calendar through McKenna’s prediction. Check out this article for a more in-depth discussion into all this. I am also very aware that Lindsey said that the end would come with Russia going to war with the Middle East. Right now we are currently seeing a constant call for war in the Middle East. Maybe he did get some of it right, but as with most things, the media will twist the meaning in order to hide the bit of potential truth that may have existed in these predictions. The media then sell us the part of the idea they want us all to focus on.

Mayan researchers have claimed that the calendar never stated it was the end the world. Some researchers concluded that it signified a new age of enlightenment, some just claiming that it was like any other calendar, delineating the passing of time as the Mayans saw it. The end being much like the end of our year within our current calendar. Personally I believe it is the beginning of a new cycle as is the obvious conclusion but I also think this coincides with a spiritual awakening that will be available to all of us. A time when we can more easily see the choices that lie ahead of us. Just my thoughts, yours may be different?

To back up my ideas on what this new age, new cycle (that we are now in according to the Mayan calendar) may mean to us. I came across this article describing what the Mayans thought this start of a new cycle may signify.

“Both the Hopi and Mayans recognize that we are approaching the end of a World Age… In both cases, however, the Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquillity. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear.” — Joseph Robert Jochmans

The above quote was taken from this article. This quote fits with my thoughts on what I feel might happen. We have a choice to make and if we make a choice towards love then we will begin to move towards a better time. Yet if we make a negative choice or no choice then we will simply see our world decay into more tyranny.

So what is now being said in the aftermath of 21st December 2012? Check out this article from FOX that clearly blames conspiracy theorists and new age beliefs for the misinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar. I feel this may be an ongoing theme over the next few days coming out of the media. If you have other articles that are in a similar vein I would very much like you to post them in the comments.

I am also beginning to notice that there are a lot of stories coming out that now side with what the Mayans have been trying to tell us for as long as this myth persisted; that the calendar was never predicting the end of the world. Funny how it was ignored for a long time and then suddenly, once the world has not ended all the media outlets are stating that the Mayans said this all along. Some (to their credit) started saying this early on in 2012 even 2011 but I remember reading mainstream articles that pushed the Mayan myth idea conveniently leaving out references to the Mayan interpretation. The media are no strangers to putting out false information and then using it against those that latch onto it. Take related doomsday scenarios of Planet X or Niburu that became entangled with the fake Mayan end of the world prediction. In 1983 a story broke that came out of the IRAS observatory. It was the first observatory to scan the sky’s in infrared wavelengths and made brief headlines when it discovered several unknown objects that could be as big as Jupiter and within our solar system. It later transpired that these objects where other Galaxies and cirrus clouds. Of course this was quickly picked up by the mainstream media and sensationalized for maximum impact. This went out in a  report by the Washington Post back in 83. It described the object as a Heavenly body in our skies. Unfortunately the article no longer exists but the wiki article I link to refers to this story. More recently we have had the Daily Mail report of an internet user claim an asteroid was heading to earth. Again feeding into the doomsday mythology. I even found this video that someone taped off a CNN report of a huge brown dwarf star that could be hidden within our solar system. Here is another CNN article on the same story. Who can blame these people when the mainstream media is drip feeding out potential misinformation. Maybe these planets do exist, I don’t rightfully know but if they do are they going to slam into the earth. I doubt it. Yet when it is quite clearly left open to interpretation by the media (I would suggest on purpose) then we get a lot of spurious end of the world claims.

If we look at articles from the media before and after we see a disturbing trend. Take a look at this article from FOX. Here is a quote from the article –

“The Maya didn’t say much about what would happen next, after a 5,125-year cycle known as the Long Count comes to an end. So into that void have rushed occult writers, bloggers and New Age visionaries foreseeing all manner of monumental change, from doomsday to a new age of enlightenment.”

It does not dismiss the end of the world scenarios and it takes quite a liberal attitude to those that propose such theories. If I was to read this article I might be lead to believe that such research has a certain credibility to it and maybe that the world would end on the date given? The article also calls those that follow such research as New Age visionaries. Describing the events as monumental change, not disasters. This article does hint at the truth of the Mayan calendar and what the Mayan’s themselves believe. Compare that quote with this quote from their article published on December 21st. (The link is also the first link in the third paragraph of this post).

“After much anticipation, the highly talked about Mayan Doomsday is here, also known as the day when the world will reportedly come to an end.

Except the ancient Maya never predicted a 2012 apocalypse.

For years, New Agers have predicted Friday would mark the destruction of civilization and the possibilities on what would occur during planet earth’s final moments are endless. From a fiery comet hurtling toward us, to a massive ice storm crushing our power system, conspiracy theorists have concluded the end would be nothing short of catastrophic.”

The quote from the article before the 21st says that the Mayans didn’t say much about what would happen at the end of their long count calendar. Yet in the article released on 21st December they say that the research is clear in that the Mayans never said it was the end of the world. This is of course correct but why leave this important piece of information out of the article from before 21st? They also associate New Age predictions with destruction, not monumental change as originally given. On the one hand they accept such research making it seem visionary. On the other they vilify it associating it with words like destruction. This then falls into what the rest of the article seems to be suggesting that Conspiracy theorists and new agers are to blame for the false claims of the end of the world. Yet as I have shown it was mainstream media that kept on hyping the idea. Seems like psychological mind games. Of course I may be talking nonsense. You decide what all this means?

It has not just been the media that have played this whole 2012 doomsday stuff against the public by filling our TV’s and Papers and computer screens with false information or conflicting information. Governments have been at it as well.

The Guatemalan Government disrespected the Mayans by ignoring them and sponsoring an Apocalypse Party. Even the word Apocalypse has been bastardized by our media and entertainment industries, sold to society to mean “a violent end of days” or similar. In reality the word means (taken from Wikipedia) – “translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.” Does this definition sound like it may resonate and relate to our current world we all live in? Of course even though the Guatemalan Government was asked by the Mayans not to hold such an event they ignored the Mayans, feeding into the hype.

I do feel that the mainstream media and globalist owned entertainment industry have allowed this myth to perpetuate, even stoking it when needed. The most blatant example of this was put out by WeeklyWorldNews. The article claims that the end of the world has been confirmed by archeologists relating this prediction to new evidence found on a Mayan site. This article went out on December 20th. Funny that!

Of course we have seen over the years most media organization’s releasing stories based on both sides of the coin, but this has probably only ever served to confuse the general public and I would wager that all this is part of an ongoing agenda. I prefer to decide for myself and I prefer to look at what non mainstream media are saying before I make up my mind.

Finally this story from the Huffington Post states in its opening sentence –

“VALLADOLID, MEXICO — On the eve of what will be known as the apocalypse that wasn’t, every hotel room in the town of Valladolid — known as Zaci during the Maya empire — is filled and no one seems to be panicking.”

Well I suggest that we might yet see an Apocalypse. But not the apocalypse of Hollywood entertainment. An apocalypse as defined under its true definition. These are the days when that which was once hidden will reveal itself for all to see. The vail that has clouded our minds for so long will begin to lift and like from a long dream we will awake. It will be painful and it is already painful but this is what we need to do. Instinctively most of us already know this, some of us still fight it but eventually we will all realise that removing the vail and becoming fully aware is only a good thing. Some of us may never choose to go down that road. That is also fine. Remember it is and always will be a choice. We had the choice 2 years ago, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago. We have the choice now and we will have it in 1000 years time. It is just that we have never been in a better position to understand and make that choice.

Finally I would like to explain that we all have the following choices open to us (probably more if I thought about it). The first is do nothing and watch the world go into tyranny and despair. The second is to believe that sitting in a room and chanting love and light will end all the worlds problems. I do think this will help but it misses out a vital part of the solution. We must also get off our bottoms and go out into the world with love in our hearts and live our life in love. We must approach those in authority with respect but also from a stand point that they have no control over us. We must begin to see everyone as equal. We must live our lives as if we are free and we must above ALL else protect the freedoms of those around us by speaking out against tyranny.

Love to you all.

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