Alex Jones Interviewed By Piers Morgan.

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January 9, 2013 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

Before I go into this post and put up the videos. I want to make a few comments.

This whole incident spawned from an interview Piers Morgan carried out with Larry Pratt a few weeks ago. Alex Jones off the back of this interview along with other comments has called for the deportation of Piers back to Britain and set up a petition to try to affect this.

Firstly I like the work Alex Jones does, I have followed for many a year now. I also understand the frustration that we hold within when the establishment twists facts to suit themselves. However we are at such a critical stage in the fight for our own freedoms that I fear any mistake, any lapse in judgement is a damning blow to us all.

Unfortunately Alex Jones went onto CNN and lost his cool, he made a mistake, a big one. He lost it massively. Yes he had good solid points to make, points that were based on actual statistics that most Americans do not get to see. As most are fed the twisted stats that come from the news organisations such as CNN or Fox News put out. Yet even with good solid stats it’s the delivery of your message that counts. Unfortunately for Jones his delivery was that of an aggressive charging wild-eyed bull. For those that listen to his radio show, we know that this is how he gets sometimes, but that is on his own show, he can do what he wants on his own show. He was on CNN in front of millions and it has now gone viral to probably billions. You have to keep your cool in that situation. It is our emotions that make us human but coming onto a platform like CNN and simply ranting uncontrollably is not the way to get your message across. Lets also not forget that most CNN viewers are simply not awake to the alternative knowledge and view points Jones discusses. So will they take on board the message of Alex or just see him as a mental “Conspiracy Theorist” that portrays all gun owners to be unhinged?

It is a shame, I thought Jones would go onto CNN and calmly debate with Piers, rooting out the false claims made by the media and laying it out in the light of day for all to see. Instead he came across as bullish and aggressive. And instead of the coherent arguments all of us hoped for, he just wildly made seemingly unconnected statements to do with sharks and drugs. I know exactly what he was attempting to say, as I listen to his show 3 or 4 times a week. In amongst his emotional explosive release (as that is all I can describe it as) he was attempting to say that people built up an irrational fear of being killed by sharks after watching the movie Jaws. His point was that everyone is being fed irrational fear mongering in relation to gun owners and that a lot of people (without any mental filtering) see all gun owners as potential child killers. The only answer being the one the media feeds down our throat. “Ban All Guns”. Just as the movie Jaws blew the threat of Shark attacks well out of proportion within the mind’s eye of the public, leading to an irrational fear. Sandy Hook also has led people to respond irrationally to a situation that needs our focused, rational attention in order to make sure it never happens again. The crazed call for guns to be banned came direct from the media and Government encampments. They disseminated that clarion call throughout American society within hours of the shooting and now we see celebrities and pundits making vicious attacks over social networks, all aimed at gun owners. We have even seen comments such as “The blood of those children are on the hands of all gun owners” and “The NRA killed those children”. I paraphrase but you get the idea. Is this the kind of rhetoric we need in order to find the right solution to this horrific event?

Jones also attempted to use statistics to solidify his points. The stats he used where solid. Yet he just could not seem to stop his verbal “out of control charge” towards Piers. Alex was also attempting to point out that drug companies kill hundreds of thousands a year through prescription drugs for depression etc. With his “not so eloquent method” of putting across a point  I believe he was trying to state; is there a moral difference between a man gunning down children and adults in a school compared to a corporation releasing toxic deadly products, knowingly upon people, all just for profit? Many more die at the hands of the pharmaceutical corporations than at the barrel of a gun! Yet somehow our moral compass will ignore that statistic and we will be merrily led down a garden path of lies by the media and Government culminating with all Americans handing over their guns.

Another, and probably the most important point Jones attempted to make was that throughout history we have seen tyrannical Governments call for the disarmament of its citizens. Nazi Germany, Russia, The disarming of Palestine by Israel. The list is endless. The point here is that when Governments go for the means for you or me to defend against the Tyranny of Government, it is because that Government is acting tyrannically. If you cannot defend yourselves against the “Brown Shirts” or their modern equivalent “The TSA” when they come to your home, then you  have no freedom to begin with. The whole premise of Jones’s debate (or “so-called”) is based on this and I fully agree with this perspective on the gun argument. It is our right to protect our self and protect our loved ones from the intrusion of Government upon our lives. In those countries we see the people are disarmed we see higher violent crime rates (knives, mugging, robbery, physical attack), we then more often than not, see Government expand and eventually turn tyrannical as it seeks out ever more sources of power.

However I know many see Sandy Hook as a shooting that was perpetrated by a lone gunman, a lone “Nutter”. That is the official story. I do not believe the official story. Sandy Hook was carried out and put into motion by Government.

Do not agree?

Well please take note of the following holes in the current Sandy Hook official story –

1 – News reports initially stated secondary and even possibly 3rd gunman involved (Go to 3 min 30’s to here the police radio state possible two suspects on scene). A few hours after the initial report this is never mentioned. Please do not confuse this with Ryan Lanza being initially touted as the shooter. This is separate to the reports of 2 – 3 shooters possibly on scene.

2 – First reports stated that they found a Semi Automatic in the boot of Lanza’s car. This then changed to the rifle being on Lanza and used in the shooting. Even further the rifle was claimed to be an AR15 Bushmaster, yet they found what looks to be a Saiga shotgun in the boot of his car. Reports from witnesses claim they heard shotgun fire during the incident. So how can he have used either of these if the rifle was in the car and with the shotgun being in the car as per the image, did he also have a shotgun on his person?

3 – Reports stated that his mother worked at the School yet no Teacher knew who she was. One report did say that the school Nurse knew Lanza’s mother but there is no interview with the Nurse to corroborate the story. Also and slightly suspiciously the report states that Lanza came into the Nurses office and does not kill her. Yet he brutally executed every other child, teacher and member of staff he came across. Why not her. We know he killed his mother, so why not kill her friend as well?

4 – A parent interviewed by news channel showed strange lack of connection to the recent death of his daughter. Even laughing and joking with the crew before approaching the camera. Once he was making his statement he became emotional, almost as if he was preparing to play a character.

5 – The whole shooting took 3 minutes. Reports claim that Lanza was not trained in firing a weapon. Yet he carried out execution style shootings all within a very tight timescale and was able to cover a lot of distance and inflict maximum damage in the process. For an untrained person could this be possible?

These are 5 points that trouble me and many others who are looking at the news and other informational sources for answers as to why this event took place. With the holes in the official story I can only come to one conclusion. It was a staged event. Innocent children and teachers killed via Government operatives in an attempt to create a horrific event to be sold to the public so that the end result would be to get people to turn in their guns. It has been done before. Hitler carried out false flags, Israel carries out false flags in order to further oppress Palestine and justify further attacks. Russia engaged in false flags before WW2 and during. This is a standard tactic of a Government that seeks to control.

Alex Jones had the perfect opportunity to put forward his wealth of information, all his research he and his team have done on this event. Instead Jones lost his temper almost from the onset of the interview. He did not accurately put across any of his research.

I do not condemn him for these actions. I know that he carries the weight and expectations of millions of Americans and people world-wide, who look for answers other than the crap CNN or Fox sells us. I know this must have a lot of stress attached to it. However with that in mind it is even more important that one keeps calm and is able to voice their position with evidence to back it up.

I respect and love the work Alex Jones engages in but I cannot support his actions with Piers Morgan. We all make mistakes so lets chalk this up,  learn and move on. Come back stronger but more composed. In this war for our freedoms we need those at the forefront to be calm. If we are to win the hearts and minds of the general public we need to put out the information with respect, love and confidence.

Anyway enough of my thoughts.

Here is the first video from Reality Check. It is a short video that tears down the argument for gun control presented by Piers Morgan.

Now here is the infamous interview. It is in 2 parts, this is the 1st part only.

Finally lets not forget who Piers Morgan is. He is a voice box for the Globalist propaganda and he himself acted just as controversially as Jones did. Here is the interview that caused Jones to call for the petition to deport Piers. Piers interviews Larry Pratt on Gun Control and calls him “An extraordinarily stupid man”.

Love to you all.

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