Credit Cards, Loans and The Council At My Door! (An FSW Podcast)

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February 13, 2013 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

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Hello You lovely folk out in Fundamental Sine Wave land. Time for another podcast. In today’s cast, I take off from last weeks offering on Consenting with Government. However in part 2 of today’s podcast, I look into Credit Cards and Loans and if we are the victims of fraud and look at the evidence that we are being stolen from every time we take out a credit card, loan or even mortgage.

I will most likely do a third podcast on this topic (and related) as I feel there is much to cover. In fact I reckon this topic will feature quite heavily in a lot of my podcasting as I do feel that our current financial system is the very reason for our enslavement.

Well enough explanation. Please listen and enjoy. Please be aware that I do supply a link to a page where you can download the podcast if the YouTube does not work for you. The download provided comes in several formats. If you listen on your mobile then choose the MP3 or OggVorbis versions for the smallest download (be aware that some players may not recognize OggVorbis).

You can watch the Simon Spaniard video here

Artists featured on this podcast are –

Just Jackson and Ninetynine – Bermuda

South West Seven – Mels Pockets (OOFT Respect To KC Dub)
(I say in the podcast that the name of the act is Carry on – South West Seven. In fact it is just South West Seven. Apologies)

Sega Bodega – have u?

Artists featured may not necessarily be affiliated with The Fundamental Sine Wave. All music is free for download. Being played on this podcast does not automatically mean that the artist(s) agree with the content of this podcast. They get played simply because I love their musical offerings.

Love to you all.

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