A Fundamental Sine Wave Mini Podcast

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February 19, 2013 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

Hello to all you amazing folks

This was a podcast I threw together on Friday. I did it really quick on my mobile phone and it has been up on my YouTube for a few days now. So I figured I would make this my podcast contribution for this weeks Fundamental Sine Waveūüôā

I did this on my phone as a test and for quickness. I may mess around with how I do these mini podcast’s so that I can eventually do them quick and easy.

Again I delve into Credit Cards, Loans, Consent and being sovereign. This whole mini podcast came about due to a debate I had with a good friend of mine. We both have our own take on the world and are pretty active when it comes to highlighting the corruption. However we do not always fully agree and it was from the disagreement that I realised that I had to explain a few concepts I constantly talk about!

Do not worry however, I shall be back next week with a full podcast covering The One Peoples Trust and how they have used Uniform Commercial Code or UCC Law to potentially collapse the system. Iv also finally found my Governments business number denoting them as a corporation. I found it on The Security Exchange Commission website which is an International Companies House based in the U.S.

More on that next week. This week pleases enjoy this first mini podcast from The Fundamental Sine Wave

Love to you all.

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