Are We Now Free

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March 1, 2013 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

Hi Lovely FSW folks.

Again it seems a little late but real life does get in the way. But no need to fret because my latest podcast is here. I have changed the format slightly (still experimenting).

I do hope you enjoy. I get into The One Peoples Public Trust once again. If you go onto my YouTube channel you can listen to podcast 5 which I only made available on YouTube and did not re post. This is podcast 6.


Download the entire podcast here

For a technically in-depth look into the OPPT UCC filings and what it all means please check out this post.

Artists Featured –

Reso – The Rugged Apologies as I believe I call this track Rugged in the podcast. This is a mistake.

Datsik – Nuke ’em (Protoyhpe Remix)

Remember all music is free to download. The artists featured are in no way affiliated with this blog or the views I put out on the Podcast. I use their music because they write amazing tunes in my humble opinion.

Love to you all.

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