An Email To Glasgow City Council


March 9, 2013 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

I was going to put out my podcast tonight but I will hold that off for a few days. Gives a chance to find a really dodgy public domain B-Movie to put over the top of it for YouTube🙂

The reason for the delay in my podcast is because I decided to write to Glasgow City Council and pose them with some tough questions.

I do not necessarily expect a sincere response but the point is I have been asking you guys to get on and contact your local councils with this info and therefore I have done so as well.

Here is the email I sent – (just realized that I did not attach the courtesy notice. If I get a reply I shall send it along at that point. Besides it was one of these online forms so doubt I could have attached it anyway now that I think about it)



Dear Glasgow City Council

I write to you in order to gain some clearance on several pressing issues that I have recently come across. So I ask the following with great respect. Please provide proof of claim if you feel any or all of the information I present to be incorrect in anyway.

Please also be aware that in many areas, Glasgow City Council do provide a worthy public service. This email is in no way aimed at any and all services that Glasgow City Council provide for the community of Glasgow. It is simply aimed at the activities of Glasgow City Council that could be considered detrimental to the freedoms of the people of Glasgow and as you are public servants I consider it to be my duty to make those that claim to serve the good of the public aware of the following information.

Let me begin;

It has recently come to my attention that the very Government that claims to have the right to enforce rules and regulations upon me and the people of this country, may in fact be a company/corporation as registered on The Security Exchange Commission –

The Government for Great Britain goes under the name Her Majesty’s Government.

Here is the Central Index Key (which denotes the companies registration on SEC) for Her Majesty’s Government – 0001452617

Here is the link to a text document stating that Her Majesty’s Government is a company –

Here is a scanned letter contained in the SEC filing which clearly states that Her Majesty’s Government is the Government of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. –

It is also my understanding and I believe to be public knowledge that the Crown can be referred to as The Crown Corporation which is known as a corporation sole. If you look at the bottom of the website – – we clearly see that it has Crown copyright. This I believe refers to The Crown Corporation which in turn is connected to Her Majesty’s Government or more likely is Her Majesty’s Government as registered on

I now respectfully bring to your attention information relating to Glasgow City Council. I believe Glasgow City Council to be a corporation and I base this claim on the following. Firstly Glasgow City Council was operating at one stage under the name “The Corporation of the City of Glasgow” up until 1975. This suggests that Glasgow City Council is a corporation.

I then looked into Scottish legislation and came across Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994

Section 2, sub section 3 reads as follows –

“The council for each local government area shall be a body corporate by the name “The Council” with the addition of the name of the particular area, and shall have a common seal.”

A Body Corporate can be defined as the following –

Blacks Law Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Edition – Body Corporate is a Corporation and a Corporation is defined as –

“An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nation, composed, in some rare instances, of a single person and his successors, being the incumbents of a particular oltice, but ordinarily consisting of an association of numerous individuals, who subsist as a body politic under a special denomination, which is regarded In law as having a personality and existence distinct from that of its several members, and which is, by the same authority, vested with the capacity of continuous succession, irrespective of changes in its membership, either in perpetuity or for a limited term of years, and of acting as a unit or single individual in matters relating to the common purpose of the association, within the scope of the powers and authorities conferred upon such bodies by law. See Case of Sutton’s Hospital, 10 Coke. 32; Dartmouth College v. Woodward, 4 Wheat. 518, 636, 657. 4 L. Ed. 629; U. S. v. Trinidad Coal Co., 137 U. S. 160, 11 Sup. Ct. 57. 34 L. Ed. 640; Andrews Bros. Co. v. Youngstown Coke Co., 86 Fed. 585, 30 C. C. A. 293; Porter v. Railroad Co., 76 111. 573; State v. Payne, 129 Mo. 468, 31 S. W. 797. 33 L. R. A. 576; Farmers’ L. & T. Co. v. New York, 7 Hill (N. Y.) 2S3; State BL.LAW DICT.(2D ED.)” –

I would also like to present information showing that Glasgow City Council has many subsidiary Corporations, that, combined, make up the entirety of Glasgow City Council. These corporations are all titled Glasgow City Council and are registered on Dun and Bradstreet, an international companies house.

I once wrote into Glasgow City Council (several years ago now) asking if Glasgow City Council was in fact a corporation and if so, is their a contract between myself and this corporation that goes under the name, Glasgow City Council and does that contract give Glasgow City Council the right to enforce its legislation upon me? I was told that Glasgow City Council is not obliged to contract with the people living within its jurisdiction (quite correct as no one is obliged to contract with anyone) and the letter then stated that I was bound by the statutes and legislation’s governing Glasgow. I found this troubling, so I ask the question. What claim of right does Glasgow City Council have that enables it to assert its authority over me. As I always considered myself to be free, it is my understanding that no one or corporation can have a claim of right over me. By claim of right I mean the right to assert their authority over me.

However, in contrast to the response I received to my letter from Glasgow City Council all those years ago, it is my understanding that the information I am highlighting within this correspondence, proves that Glasgow City Council is in fact a corporation and it is also my understanding that within commercial law a party that is not under contract with the stated company or corporation may not be subject to the rules and regulations of that corporation! The rules and regulations of Glasgow City Council and of Her Majesty’s Government would be defined as any statutory instrument or legislation created by them.

So with great respect I present this information to yourself and as I am a spiritual being beholden only to the creator and as I believe the creator to be the infinite oneness that we all are and all come from, and as I believe Glasgow City Council to be a corporation and therefore a creation of man and not the creator of man. I respectfully ask that if Glasgow City Council are to claim that I must follow any legislation they make, can they provide proof of claim that they are above me lawfully and therefore higher than the laws of nature that created our amazing world, myself, you and everyone else. For if Glasgow City Council can provide proof that they have authority over me then it would mean that they are in fact a higher source of law than the very laws that created all men and women! For how can that which I create as man hold power over me unless I let it? The law of creation I refer to is known as Universal Law or Natural Law and is defined in Blacks Law dictionary free online 2nd edition as the following –

“A rule of conduct arising out of the natural relations of human beings, established by the Creator, and existing prior to any positive precept Webster. The foundation of this law is placed by the best writers in the will of God, discovered by right reason, aud aided by diviue revelation ; and its principles, when applicable, apply with equal obligation to individuals and to nations.”

This natural law can be simply stated as one law that reflects the inherent rights and freedoms of everyone living on this planet. “One is free to do as they wish as long as their actions do not impinge upon or remove the freedoms of anyone else.” Therefore can Glasgow City Council provide proof that they are in fact able to override the highest form of law and have the lawful right (not legal right) to demand contract from all people living within Glasgow and Greater Glasgow? Please understand that lawful refers to natural or universal law and or common law. Legal refers to the statutes and legislation’s created by man which are classed as the lowest forms of law.

We all know that Government is created by men and women who wish to create said Government. It is also known that Government is actually intended to serve the people, hence the title of public servant. A Governing body is their to administrate not dictate.

It is, with respect, my belief that the Corporate Government of this Country and its subsidiaries are in fact causing harm upon the freedoms of the people. The Government and Councils of this Country have all failed and are in breach of trust. For we the people placed our trust within you and the rest of Government to enhance our lives, enhance our communities. Instead we the people have found ever increasing taxes levied upon us. Yet more legislation passed on an almost daily basis that controls the finer details of every persons life. Non of which enhances the lives of the people living within this City or Country. So I respectfully suggest that as you are a public servant it is your duty to uphold the well being and wishes of the people, to in fact serve the people of this amazing City. That you begin to make in roads to dismantling this corporate system that is failing the people of Glasgow, the people of the UK and many more across the planet. With the co-operation of the people you can build a community based on trust, respect and love. Something which I believe to be lacking within our current system. We can build a world of abundance for everyone.

Finally I would like to bring to your attention, The One Peoples Public Trust. It is my understanding that all commerce on this planet is governed by Uniform Commercial Code or UCC. It is therefore my understanding that UCC law governs transactions carried out by local and national Governments. UCC would cover payment of taxes, fines and any other transaction that has a monetary value attached to it. With this in mind The One Peoples Public Trust have made a UCC filing that they claim has effectively foreclosed upon the entire system of economic slavery and debt that we find ourselves within. This includes the slave system that we call taxation. They have also created a Trust that they claim has lawfully taken hold, for the benefit of the people, all assets upon this planet. This includes all lands and the minerals within, all forms of money etc etc. Removing these assets from the control of Corporate Government and other Corporations associated with the control of the people upon this planet.

I have attached The One Peoples Public Trust courtesy notice for your information.

If you have any evidence that shows any or all of my information to be incorrect then please forward it to myself. As I have backed up my claims to the best of my knowledge, if you feel they are in error then I would be very grateful if you could back your claims up in kind.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to your response.


Stuart Foxwell

This Email is publicly available on


Anyone may take this letter and amend it to suit. I highly recommend we all get in touch with our Councils and Government officials, asking them the hard questions. They are our public servants and right now they are failing us and operating for the Global Corporate system that seeks to enslave us all. Even if they have no knowledge of this. Which makes for a good reason to send this, as it may wake some up. Who knows.

Love to you all.

13 thoughts on “An Email To Glasgow City Council

  1. Fionn Patrick says:

    Any response?

    Best Wishes

  2. Lord Kaeze says:

    [Carol] :

    You wrote: The Government for Great Britain goes under the name Her Majesty’s Government.

    Please eliminate ‘slave’ thinking:

    Government~Latin is : Gubernomentis; Guberno/Control(=Steer); Mentis/Mind: Government is Mind-CONTROL.

    Her Majesty’s Government is the Name for the Company Designated as Her Majesty’s Government. It Is not UNDER anything! You have to know AfRAKAN frRACtals to know that Exponentiation occurs in nature before FRACTIONS is how sub-saharan AfRAKANS levitated pyramid 500 tonne stone masonry without ropes or cranes.

    btw all AfRAKAN languages are SINE-WAVE DIALECTS that move backwards and forwards through sine-wave flux count of numbers these crooks are stealing:By flux count: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,8,10…Why? Well, look at a black man or woman’s sun-gene-666/9 hair…it’s sine-wave moves backwards & forwards and makes all the numbers 0-9 including all the characters of the greek alphabet Ancient AfRAKANS authored.

    Please observe: 08/9999999997-08-048874

    These masonic thieves are using 09 Nine times using 7, 9, 8…from 04 from right to left! However, western education does not teach the purpose of ‘ZERO’ and what sounds for actions are caused using ‘7’, ‘9’, ‘8’ with ‘4’.

    You will also observe that the IRS number for the COMPANY is ‘000000000’ = 9 Zeros.

    You’re getting close..synchronize with nature and there you will find all the forces of nature abstracted as number is why you must understand why your middle-finger is the apex of the sine-wave while the ring finger (4th digit) is lower in size than ‘3’=middle finger.

    Well, what does ‘4’ cause in NATURE? If you knew you’d know why the company code is : 0014(52617). These freaks are using sine wave language against you hiding their CRIMINAL ACTS justifying LEGAL ACTS for their CRIMINAL behaviours using innocent people as slaves SURETY CORPUS-ACTS(STATUTES), ENS LEGIS roobery patsies to pay their BILLS!

    Do not BE-LIF-F(theft) in Belief…Belief is ILL-LIE-U-SIN/Illusion for it is mathematically impossible to hide an illusion and as you know:

    NUMBERS DON’T LIE & LIES DO NOT LIE! All the facts are always out in the open!

    Stay strong with the SINE-WAVE….

    • The Fundamental Sine Wave says:

      Thank you very much for this knowledge. I will definitely pursue this line of thinking. You contribution is very much appreciated!

      • The Fundamental Sine Wave says:

        I would also add that the post was about detailing the Corporate nature of legislation and that Governments are in fact corporations. The numerology aspects and the more esoteric deeper meanings behind such words as Government could not be covered in such a post. This post was about helping people understand one layer of the deception!

      • Kaeze says:

        Thanks Fundamental Sine Wave: Appreciated.

        “This post was about helping people understand one layer of the deception” = AGREED & UNDERSTOOD!

        Thanks: Kaeze.

      • The Fundamental Sine Wave says:

        Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your support. Please spread my blog far and wide!

    • The Fundamental Sine Wave says:

      I think I shall look deeper into this and at some point do a post on my findings!

  3. Joe says:

    Am i right then in thinking that under common law no company or corporation can levy taxes upon anyone, nor can it force homeowners of council and ex council properties into costly repairs or upgrades.
    the reason being that they are profit making corporations

    • The Fundamental Sine Wave says:

      Absolutely but if you decide to challenge them on it you must be prepared for a long fight. I am challenging the debt collectors right now and have already won against 1. Going up against Govt (Mafia) is another ball game. However your still absolutely right. Let me know what happens. Thanks for ur comment.

    • The Fundamental Sine Wave says:

      Absolutely correct. But do your research and don’t just take what in said verbatim. Law is complex at times and you gotta go into this knowing who u are from an emotional and spiritual perspective.

  4. clare says:

    hi there i am also from Glasgow and i have put the same questions to mp and to no avail. were there is a will there is a way.

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