The Spell Of Words

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April 27, 2013 by The Fundamental Sine Wave

Marketplace Fairness Act
Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
Protect IP Act
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Look at the image above. The word LIFE made up of many different words. How does each word make you feel. Would you describe your life as having meaning towards many of those words? Of course, we are all human, we are all emotional beings on one level. Yet this system is very clever as it has been able to create word spells. Capturing your mind in an illusion. Using nothing more than the English language!

I refer to the latest CISPA battle to highlight what I am about to discuss with you but this exists across the board, in all aspects of our life. So when we look at the pieces of legislation quoted above, what are the common denominators found within each? First off they are all about control. The second, the one most of us miss, is that each is worded in such a way to emotionally play on our conscience. To play on our emotional mind. The wording used bypasses our reasoning and goes straight to our emotional centres!

Each act is given a very Orwellian name. Using words like Fairness, Protect, Agreement, Sharing. All of which conjure up an image, feelings, emotions that suggest in some way these acts are here to help. They are being implemented for the greater good. Of course the truth is the exact opposite. The words lie to you, hide the truth of what each piece of legislation was/is attempting to do!

While I write this we are still, on a global scale, fighting off the Global Corporate systems repeated attempts to take control of free speech and sharing of knowledge online. On a larger scale we battle with our freedoms everyday against a corrupt and psychotic system. On a positive note we recently won a significant battle, pushing out CISPA once again. It will encourage most to know that from my observations these victories for freedom are becoming more and more frequent and those that mastermind this corrupt system are struggling to keep themselves in the seat of power against the tidal wave of truth from the free people of this world. Yet even though many know of the dangers to freedom from allowing such legislation too exist would mean, I still must ask and wonder how many of us have noticed or realised the hidden language that exists below the surface, the booby trap that awaits for any unsuspecting soldier of freedom.

It is not just online legislation that we find this Orwellian styled language being implemented. Obama’s election campaign was based on the word “Change”! He never told anyone in America what that change would entail yet his campaign was full of emotional markers, sub conscious in nature and some out in the open. Due to the power of such words in conjunction with tried and test Nero Linguistic Programming techniques the American people were led to think what they “would like or believe” will be the outcome, will actually transpire in reality! Even though nothing during Obama’s entire campaign was produced to actually detail the real nature of the change he promised. In reality President Obama did bring change to America. But that change was not what the people wanted or believed would be. He brought more control, removed more freedoms and locked the United States down even further. He killed more people and has continued and started more wars. So he did bring change but the change he brought only benefited the Elite, those Globalist Corporate Controllers who dictate to the leaders of America, Britain and other Countries, outlining what they must do in order to further the agenda!

So we see this NLP technique being used across the board. We are all susceptible to this because we all make sub conscious and semi-conscious assumptions as to what the words mean for us, how they will affect us in the real world. It is these very assumptions that are exploited by those in power to guide us into their intended meaning for the words used. Words are spells, words are spelled out and they create our reality within our minds eye and that in turn influences the physical reality we exist within day by day. Through NLP and Orwellian speak we have been controlled in our perceptions and ideas of what our reality will truly tell us. It is not magic, but words still cast a spell upon our minds, they can open us up to new ways of being and thinking or hide us, shroud is in the dark while whispering to us “that all is as we want it”! Words have a power beyond what we give them credit for. After all we use them every day, thousands, millions of words spoken, written every day. You are reading words right now. Each one having an effect on your view of the world around you. Each one casting its own spell, whispering its own agenda in your head without you even being aware!

I recently read a comment left on Reddit from a user who decided to hate on me for having a Scottish accent. This, according to him made it impossible to listen to my podcast. He then went on to imply that discussing ideas such as infinite love etc and linking to Alex Jones made me untrustworthy! The power of this user’s words got into my head. I posted back knowing that I should have probably just left this TROLL to their own devices. Yet the words got under my skin. I knew that it was probably futile, after all everyone IS a critic, as the old saying goes. I also suspected that this user was either just someone with too much time on his/her hands. A Troll or maybe CONITELPRO but I responded anyway! See words have a power over us. A power that gets right to the heart of us and speaks to our soul, source, spiritual being, whatever you wish to call our fundamental true self. They are positive or negative in their outcome! If you let them they can control our very responses to the world around us.

Yet the true power in words is not in the trickery. The true power does not come from their use in the Orwellian context. Nor from the negative. All of which do provide a basis for much power. No their true power comes from us. We decide. When words are used to uplift, expand consciousness, help reconnect to love. This is when we give words true power. This is their true magic. The real spell they hold!

Yet to understand how we are being held prisoner by words. We must accept that words are given power through us. We decide, yet when we lose focus the words will control us and manipulate us into negative states of being, the sub conscious mind will take over and this part of ourselves, unless checked by our conscious, will use words in a literal sense, forming our reality into good or bad without us even realising. We must understand that this is what those that control the world are doing. The infiltrate through the use of language, our sub conscious and they reprogram our very thought structures without any of us even realising what is being done. They are using words to create spells. Spells that are so subtle, yet so insidious we have no idea that they are weaving their way through our minds. Every advert. Every piece of news. All those pieces of legislation that are sold to us as the path to freedom, when in fact they lead us to a locked door for our conscious and the physical!

Take a look at those online pieces of legislation. Ask yourself what would they actually do to the freedoms of the internet? Look at who they really protect and who they shut off from knowledge and the free flow of information. Who stands to gain! This is the real question to ask! The words lie to us. Make us think that somehow we are better off with these pieces of legislation. After all those in power use words like sharing and Fairness. These are words that have strong emotional connotations behind them. Yet sharing is not what CISPA is about. It is about limiting information in the online world. Fairness is certainly not what the Marketplace Fairness Act is about. Its true goal is to extort money from the people by placing a tax on all online purchases. How is that fair? It allows for one party to gain at the expense of another, yet this very truth is shrouded in the lie that this is somehow acceptable, even necessary!

The spells being created by words are everywhere. What we need to do is to start creating our own!.

If you want to start making a difference in your life then use words like Allow, Can, Will, Excellent, Amazing, Love. Never use words like try, cant cannot. Be positive in your outlook. Love yourself and love those around you and those that come into your life. Show them how to use words to uplift themselves.

If you understand this post. Understand the implications and can see this in effect around you then you are already on the path to being free of the subliminal word spells we are subjected to on a daily basis!

Words are given their real power through us. Do not let that power control you. Use your words to bring amazing changes into your mind and reality. Be free, help others achieve their own freedom. Be the change you wish to see for others!

Love to you all.

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